The Völva


The witch embraces her fervent instincts; nurtured by nature, feared by men, perhaps bribed by the devil, and put to the flame. From those that she assign Fate, so easily can she take it away; tears of prophecy that stir in the cup of men. She is drawn away from her natural gift by the men that fear her, imprisoned in their reality, and hiding from her own. Thrice she call upon the forces in which the wind is woven, gathering the might locked beneath her feet, to unleash upon those that hold her collar.

Hold her flesh, burn her heart, poison her mind – this is the will of men. Her will is stronger. The eyes of time give her power. In her palms, she holds patience; pain and suffering glide over them like water. Man tricked man; doomed forever to till the cursed ground. For responsibility is thrown eschew in the heart of man, and this is his punishment. Wicked was she who gave man his cures, for this was the very compassion that was kneaded from her bones and now lay untapped.

Throw your chin to the sky, woman, and open your eyes. Embody your nature, embody all you are meant to be. Throw away these earthly chains you have been imprisoned in, take hold of the clouds, take hold of the sun, of the moon, and gain knowledge through the teachers within the waves. You are meant to hold in both your palms what comes in twos, and your eyes will see all. She will reclaim her time, her beauty in nature, and fight for this freedom once more. It will be her time soon. Begin now. You are the host of truth’s potential.

The Caged Tiger


In a world that is not her own, animosity takes to her core. She is the fire surrounded by water; throwing her flame further than she can reach, onset to her destructive path. She is spiteful towards the small world she is confined within, playing the game to win, for that is all she has in her able grasp. Much like her counterpart, Cleopatra, she moves like a seductress and works like a Machiavellian. Due to her loss of control in this reality, she looks to those easily influenced by her charm and intimidation. This world she lives in, where she feels a loss of control, is a world where she cannot manipulate the men around her; she is with women and women alone, thus causing the seductress great failure in her ability to gain control at any means, and can develop into something much worse, and much more destructive, this chaotic and sporadic element of fire itself.

In this small world of women, she is alone, for her very nature is to surpass other women and focus on becoming the dominant female beside the chosen dominant male. When there are no men to be manipulated or to gain control with, she is left with becoming the dominant female among women. She tries not with her femininity to gain control, but her fearsome behaviour, befriending women along the way, using them as ladder steps to the top, stabbing them in the heart when she is through with their usefulness. Although she carefully takes the steps to further herself among these women, fire often forgets just how much she can spread before burning herself in the process.

The Egotism of Defamation


One of the worst crimes that can be committed against man or woman, is defamation of character. A man, standing for honor, pride, and courage; a woman standing for humility, patience, and virtue. To take any of these traits from someone’s character away is putrid and vile. It takes an exceptionally low desperation to want to disgrace an unsuspecting innocent. For a man to disgrace a woman is not only displaying a pitiful act of vengeance or unnecessary wrath, but shows just how powerless and lesser they are. Rummaging around for crumbs of power and all he finds is momentary smugness. It is enough in his shallow life, this momentary smugness, to seek more, and he does so, defaming women all around him. Why not men? If this man were to discredit another man, a much stronger, honorable man, he would certainly pay the price, but a woman, with less credibility in present-day is a much easier target for self-satisfactory. Man may defame man, for they have born credibility, they have opportunity for defense. A man’s word weighs with heavy influence over the people. To defame a woman where she has little to no influence alone will leave her reputation permanently sabotaged.

What does this type of man gain? Is he so abhorrent in all of his ways that he cannot simply heed to the decency of common man? The only word against a woman any man should have should be behind closed doors, between loving hearts. Childish and pathetic for any man to have something to say about any woman he has no business with.

The Persephone

The Fate of Persephone, 1877 (oil & tempera on canvas)

Seldom does a man with a rotten core poison the heart of the most innocent of maidens. When her heart is poisoned, she becomes trapped innocence. Unlike her counterparts, who give their purity to the man of their choosing, she keeps the innocent mind, and naivety, but her will is taken away from her. The man feeds on her innocence over a lifetime. She remains by his side for survival of her purity and fear that the man can destroy it in a single moment. She learns over time that she is far safer with him than being on her own, even if she gives the man the illusion of her love. She too is confined in her own illusion; the illusion of the compliant wife.

She was not once as controllable. In the beginning of her imprisonment, she would look for any means of escape. Her failed attempts are often noticed by the man, and he puts her in her place with his stupendous strength. His ability to bend her at his will does not only come from his hand, rather, from the weak foundation of his masculinity. His power is sated from overpowering the weakest archetype of women.

If she does end up having the breakthrough of courage to escape, she is no longer innocent, nor trapped. She becomes broken, and too broken for any man to confide in. This is why she accepts her fate with the man who has her trapped.

The Cleopatra


Lust is a weakness in every man; temptation an unceasing war. If men can be swayed so easily by the softness of a woman, this gives women a dangerous advantage in her life if she so chooses to walk this way. Man’s will in the grasp of a woman enables her to guide him to fulfilling her own desires and forgetting all about his own. He is under her thumb, and he takes the fall for her when trouble arises. This woman is the femme fatale concealed behind an angelic appearance. No woman is as dangerous as the temptress.

She is the Machiavellian; intelligent and motivated enough to take everything from a man. Her selfish impulse tends to nullify her character as the mother, as she lives for herself, and herself alone. For a woman, acquiring power through the manipulation of the men around her becomes an addictive exploit. Man’s ultimate desire has always been that of greater power, and when a small amount of such power is tasted by a woman, she becomes intoxicated. Filled with blood lust, the temptress learns from man so that she may play the man’s game and make her moves disguised behind man himself. She is better protected than any woman. Involving herself in the men around her creates a barrier from harm, and she is able to project her own ideas from the throne for her men to carry out.

She encircles herself with many men, keeping other women at a watchful distance, knowing that they are capable of exposing her position. The only other women she will keep around are servants and her own kin, women who she has immense influence or control over. It is integral to the Cleopatra that she stay in power; she is nothing without it. She is cunning, and there is only room for one woman on the throne.

The Graceless Women

Hearts are Trumps 1872 by Sir John Everett Millais, Bt 1829-1896

Promiscuity has been infused into the mainstream. It is encouraged so that women will feel liberated. This is the modern new wave feminist influence of “empowering” women to feel liberated unclothed and be consequence free to give themselves to any and however many men they wish to. I can see how most women are captivated by liberalism, it can feel exhilarating to be able to live as you want with no consequence to behaving like a degenerate. People have abandoned foundational values and have replaced them with volatile practices, and what consequences do women have for their abandoned values? No shame on those who sleep around at their own leisure, no shame on those who choose to abort their mistakes, who build a family just to end up feeling bored and trapped and then to tear it all down because of selfish impulse. Social media for women is a base for all the free male attention they need, to feel desired by so many, and when all of that is taken away and the only attention they get is from the one man in their life that is supposed to mean something, they are left unsatisfied. Social media has been proved to increase divorce rates – a woman seeks out admiration from men who she is not associated with to reaffirm a positive self image because it feels refreshing to obtain this from new sources.

To revolt against man, to want to take his place in politics, to want to take his place as the head of the house, is not in a true woman’s heart, instead, it is to please him, to love him unconditionally, and to have a supporting role as someone who creates life inside her and cares for man while man cares for her. Marie Corelli said, “the influence of women bears perhaps more strongly than any other power on the position and supremacy of a country. Corrupt women make a corrupt State, – noble, God-fearing women make a noble, God-fearing people. It is not too much to say that prosperity of adversity of a nation rests in the hands of its women. They are the mothers of the men, – they make and mold the characters of their sons. And the centre of their influence should be, as Nature intended it to be, the Home”.

Men play no innocent part in woman’s downfall, instead, they contribute, giving them the attention they seek out to acquire by many, then make a fuss when a woman is left unsatisfied by his demand that she no longer participate. When someone is given something to indulge in, they do not adjust well to having that being taken away when others continue to live like so. Enabling and participating in the behavior of sleeping around or giving themselves up so easy makes building trust and loyalty almost unobtainable. Those who show disdain to women have no means for helping resolve this affair either, instead, reveal how childish a man can be when his purpose is to not abandon and shame the woman but to hold her close in guidance and protection – protection from spiraling into erratic behavior.

This is the collapse of today.